Titles Available for Purchase

  • Creator, GOD ~ Biblical Christianity Curriculum

    4 videos  |   Buy $7.99

    Creator, GOD ~ Biblical Christianity Curriculum

    The Glory.Dance Biblical Christianity Curriculum modules can be included in any home, school, church or Christian venue as a curriculum for studying the essentials of faith. Every module is published with:
    - Music and dance videos on the Glory.Da...

  • Glory.Dance Fitness, Volume 1

    16 videos  |   Rent $5   |   Buy $19.99

    Dance to a collection of hit Christian music songs with contemporary choreography that will get you moving and challenged. This collection includes tutorial videos, warm up and cool down videos, with direction for different levels of skill.

    SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced dance and condition...

  • Glory.Dance KIDS! Volume 1

    9 videos  |   Rent $5   |   Buy $19.99

    Learn the BIBLE with music, singing and DANCE!

    This collection of music videos is perfect for home streaming, church ministry and any family worship session! All music is carefully selected to use Bible verses as lyrics so memorization of Scripture becomes easy. By utilizing music, singing and ...